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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Women

On their birthdays, some women like to spend lots of money at spas getting facials and mud wraps. Other women prefer to run over obstacles through the woods for 3 miles and then belly flop into a mud pit. You can probably guess which one I am. 

When people pass you in a race it can be kind of sucky. It's less sucky if they are yelling "Happy Birthday!" Which is why I made this:
Gettin Dirty on my Birthday!
 And after the Merrill Down and Dirty Richmond 5k:
awww, yeah - pretty hard core start to year 23.

Your "medal" is a dog tag :)

Then I had to shower off and head from Richmond down to Myrtle Beach to meet my family at my aunt's beach house. I'm pretty sure the race packet said they would have showers available. By "showers" they meant "hoses":
Shoot. Shoot. I was banking on a real shower. Gonna be a long car ride.

Every time you moved an inch you would find a gallon more mud. It was never ending. I even gave up hope of saving the old sneaks. Bye-Bye first marathon shoes. I hope you find a good home. (they had a donation pile). The socks and t-shirt went straight to the trash. 
Adios Mizunos

Cheeseburger and chocolate milk at 9:30 am? Don't mind if I do.
Well, my uncle just made me a vodka tonic so I'm off to celebrate the rest of my birthday. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

1. Have you ever done a mud race? If so, what was the hardest obstacle? Definitely the soapy wall for me - I have no upper body strength!
2. How did you celebrate your latest birthday?


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What an amazing way to start off a new year of life. My last birthday was very low key--dinner with family and drinks with a few friends.

Team Lando said...

I need to do a mud run! My dad does one every year and places in his age group.

Last birthday? Just grilled out with a few friends. Very low key.

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

happy birthday!!

birthday is this week....have back to school night, so celebrating the next day with a giants game, dinner out, and a HM the next morning!

Alyssa said...

Happy birthday! That reminds me of warrior dash. So much fun! Attempting to jump out of the mud over the little walls was so tough, your feet stuck in the mud and you had to use your upper body strength to pull them out!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Happy b-day my dear!!!!!

Great t-shirt, fab idea. Love the mud photos. Enjoy your vacay :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Let me just start by saying 'You and I should get together for celebrations!'

My birthday celebration this year was an extra long workout. I tried to plan a day at the gym with all my friends, but there's only a couple that would actually do it, so I did my own thing. Unfortunately, my birthday is in February, so it might be dangerous to try a mud race.

AWESOME birthday celebration! Keep it up. My birthday celebration next year might be my first ultra.

Courtney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! what a great way to celebrate! i can't wait to do a mud run, october hopefully!

xcar said...

I hope you enjoyed your birthday! I've done a few mud runs & the mud mound after a sloshing through mud is always slippery, so is climbing any kind of wall - I'm too short!

Britt said...

Happy 23rd! What a fun way to celebrate.

I used to do a race in the wintertime called the Cross Country Challenge where you would have to swim through lakes and run through knee deep mud in addition to the occasional hill. It was fun. Haven't done it in awhile because it is in December, and here in Chicago it can be a bit cold when you go swimming in December.

Hope your birthday is wonderful.

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said...

Hau`oli Lā Hānau ~ Happy Birthday!!! My boyfriend and his brother just did the Spartan Beast in Vermont on August 6th -- I'm so jonesing to do something like that now, it looks like so much fun! A memorable birthday for you, to say the least! CHEERS!

PS: my last birthday was an extended weekend in las vegas!

theAlmostRunner said...

Happy belated birthday! You are such a freaking rockstar.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

What an AWESOME way to celebrate your birthday!!!!!

I fing LOVE mud runs.

Running Moose said...

Haha! That's awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! We had the whole family do the Merrel race here in Philly a month or so ago- we had a blast! Lots of clothes hit the trash and sneakers to the pile! They ran out of water, too, but we were fortunate enough to get that last bit of it. My wife can sympathize with you girls who did it about not having real showers. She was very descriptive about the mud...
My last Bday? Well, it was the big 4-0 and we had some friends come up to drink our asses off in front of the fireplace. Our kids slept over the grandparents so we could, uh, stay up late drinking. We were going to be doing a trail race the next day that featured beer at aid stations (a common theme around here) and a lot of drinking at a German club after, but that ended up being in the middle of my foot swelling problems that sidelined me for a while. I plan on making up for it this year. Happy Birthday and sorry it's a bit late! Enjoy every minute of every day!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

What an awesome way to spend your birthday! Last birthday for me was pretty low key, just hung with family and went for a run :)

Fruit Fly said...

My first mud run is in 2 weeks. I can't wait!!

I spent my last birthday in Disney World at a character breakfast and indulging in all that the Food & Wine Festival has to offer at Epcot!

But whatever ... enough about me ....


Little Miss Runshine said...

Happy belated birthday!! That seems like my kind of birthday celebration!!!!

I haven't done a mud run yet. But I want to!!!!

Mmm my last birthday I went out for a fancy dinner with my boyfriend :)

Richelle said...

I've never done a mud run before, but I think it's a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday. :)

I had to work on my birthday this year, but my fiance made me dinner once the work day ended. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I've been stalking your blog for a new post! Happy WAY belated bday!

The Green Girl said...

What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday, girl! Happy belated birthday!

Erin@JustBreathe said...

Happy Super Late Birthday!!!