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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Race #9: State to State Half Marathon - September 25th - Oxford, OH and Bath, IN - Finish Time: 2:18:22

There's nothing like the smell of horse manure at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday. A lot of people might think my idea of a weekend getaway is a little twisted. On Friday after work I flew out to visit some extended family and a close friend in Cincinnati.

I'm really not known for having the best pre-race nutrition regimens. In the past I've ate fried oreos, drank beer, and inhaled massive amounts of barbeque in the days leading up to races. Yet again, I've chosen to inflict pain on my stomach during 13.1 miles. This time by downing some infamous Skyline Chili:

There was a good chance of thunderstorms on Sunday morning, but thankfully it held off long enough for us to have perfect running weather. Lindsey (who ran Race #4 with me) and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to run:
With my jacket and her laces there's no way we are getting lost!

We had gone out to the area the day before to scope out the race course. It was a whole lotta this:

You kind of just had to pretend that the massive fields of corn and soy beans were big crowds cheering for you.  We crossed into Indiana at mile 5, but honestly, without the "Welcome to Indiana" banner you wouldn't have known.
We had to be extra happy and excited to make up for the grumpy lady next to us. Maybe she was just super focused. She probably finished an hour before us. haha

Since I've was a total slacker when it came to training for this race, my goal was just to walk no more than twice. I only walked once, so I'm glad I hit that goal, but not exactly happy with my time. It was nice to cross the finish line together at 2:18:22, but Lindsey and I both wanted to PR this mostly flat, perfect weather, out and back course. Fortunately for us we each have more fall races to accomplish that. 
That face says "this is when I regret eating those 14 cream puffs"

Some cruel race course designer put a massive hill in with .2 miles left to go in the race, but we finished strong and promptly ate massive Jimmy John sandwiches...yumm!

Aside from the race we also got to visit a pumpkin patch, a farmer's market, and a small Oktoberfest event:
I swear I looked between the Okra and the Peppers and I did not find any half marathon runners.
I seriously contemplated bringing this back on the plane with me. Pumpkin guts aren't considered liquid are they? Either way that is definitely less than 3 oz.
Too bad this was the night before the race and we couldn't actually drink those beers.

And obviously races wouldn't be races without fro-yo:
My topping to fro-yo ratio might be a little unbalanced.
Was I smoking something when I signed up for back to back races? I'll be checking Virginia off my list this weekend!

Happy Running,


theAlmostRunner said...

This is real midwest! haha I'm so proud of my Indiana roots after reading how ridiculous it was in this post. :) Great race, even though it wasn't as fast as you wanted. You only walked ONE TIME while traveling 13 miles. Incredible!

Team Lando said...

Shoot me an email, we're doing the same race Sunday!

Julia said...

what a cool race! too bad i didnt know you were so close to the ville...i would have had to come up and visit while i was there ;) glad you had a good time!

Britt said...

Your race photos are always awesome! Love the face!

Courtney said...

yum SKYLINE!! great job, i think it's a great time!

alisonds said...

Great race re-cap. Well done for only walking once, that is impressive! Looks like you had fun! x

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love the concept of the state-to-state half!! So glad you got through after testing the limits of your stomach!! ;)

Richelle said...

I love all your photos! Congrats on a great race, despite not meeting your goal time!

Fruit Fly said...

I got a gut ache just seeing those Skyline pictures! Every time I'm in Cincinnati I can't get over the chili/spaghetti/cheese combo everywhere. But the fact that you ate it before a race and survived?? Congrats to you!!

Running Moose said...

Awesome job! I guess you get to check off 2 states with that one!!

Erin said...

yay! i LOVE skyline.... 3 cheers for ohio!! haha