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Monday, January 17, 2011


Have you ever felt like your ankles have morphed into two big pieces of Crayola sidewalk chalk and they are about to crumble at any moment? That’s what my ankles feel like today, actually, most days that I do long runs (today was 11 miles). Chalk + Ankles = Chankles (please don’t confuse these with cankles). However, there is no ankle pain greater than the failure I will feel if I quit training for my next race (or the pain my wallet will feel after wasting $95), so for now I keep on truckin’.

At mile 9 I had to stop to take off my ankle brace because it was giving me a blister. At mile 10 I seriously contemplated a pit-stop for a junior bacon cheeseburger at the local Wendys. There were however positive aspects to this run. For one, I discovered an awesome park to run in about a mile from my house. I seriously feel like I found a best kept secret in DC: The National Arboretum. I will have to admit that it is in a bit of a rough neighborhood (I ran past graffiti that said “kill or be killed”). It was totally worth it though to run through a large park away from traffic lights or smelly cars. It even has some great training hills, one of which I named the “Incline of Death.” The other excitement of the day was that I had my first run in my new kicks and they felt great! (See photo below).

Off to stretch, ice, and eat!

Ever wonder what happened to the sandstone columns that were removed from the Capitol building in 1958 to make room for the East Wing Expansion? Yeah, me too. Anyways, I found them today in the National Arboretum.

View of the Capitol from The National Arboretum
Brooks Adrenaline GTS11, Women's Size 10...good for slight overpronators like me.

Mile 5 at the top of Hickey Lane Overlook...haha!

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Missy said...

Good for you girl!!! Keep it up!!! It's always okay to stop and get a jbc from Wendy's!!! We are only a couple hours away....and, my husband's best bud works at the Capital, so we are always finding a reason to head to is a great place to run!!!...never boring...