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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Running is Mental

Running is mental and treadmills suck. These are two things I know because I've recently been forced to run in a gym due to arctic wind and lots of ice in DC. My training plan has had me doing two or three short runs of 3 miles and one lone run per week and I've been doing the short runs with no problem. However, a couple days ago I went to the gym, set the treadmill on 1% incline and 9:40 pace and tried my hardest to not stare at the distance being displayed on the monitor. It seriously felt like magnets had been inserted in my cornia and the treadmill display because I just couldn't help but look. I was thinking "okay, I'm feeling really winded/tired, I gotta be close to 3 miles." You know what that thing said? 1.8 miles! What the fudge?!? I will admit that yesterday's treadmill workout was a bit better. Finished out 4 miles without too much of a struggle although I really did have to push myself much harder than when I run outside. Props to my gym for having both discovery channel and TLC because episodes of Cash Cab and Four Brides seriously make the run almost bearable. Gotta get to bed...tomorrow morning is 6.5 miles and there's no way I'm doing it on a treadmill :)


Unfinished Dad said...

Can I join you in simply looking at the pictures of this great journey?

Sam said...

Of course!! :)