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Monday, February 28, 2011

Vacation in Colorado

Things I love about Colorado: Mountains, Coors light, Laid-back and wonderful people, and many more things. I went on vacation for President's weekend with 9 other girls to go skiing. My amazing friend Lauren and her family let us stay in their ski house, so we are basically forever in debt to them.
Landing in Denver was like something out of a movie - that's the farthest west I've been! I got really excited to go for a sunrise-run the next morning, but also a little nervous because everyone had been warning me of altitute sickness. For the 4 days before the trip I popped an aspirin every day and drank an un-godly amount of water to try to ward off the illness. I managed to not get sick or have a headache, but I will say that I woke up with a bloody nose (ewww!) Man, that altitude stuff is nothin' to mess with. Anyways, I set out for my run and found myself truly enjoying the crisp, cool, fresh air. At one point I was headed up a huge hill with the mountains behind me and every 2 minutes I turned around to see the sun a little higher in the sky and the mountains a little more stunning.

View of the Mountains from Denver
Vacay was absoultely wonderful. We spent our first day at Beaver Creek and second day atVail. I ate wayyy too many of what I can only describe as heavenly brownies and really enjoyed some relaxing and fun girl time. Snowboarding was definitely a tough work-out (my ENTIRE body was sore!), but there's no way it burned enough calories to un-do my atrocious eating/drinking habits of the weekend. 

Denver Sunrise
While I did have a great vacation (minus my friend's foot being run-over by a car, but that's a story for another day), I unfortunately missed a couple scheduled runs and my lack of motivation spilled over into the next week when I got home. I was tired, cranky, and lazy all week long. I have no idea what was going on, but I decided I need to do something drastic before I get too far behind in my training schedule. This marathon means more to me than a hershey bar or miller light so I'm thinking about challenging myself to give up either chocolate or beer, or both, until race day (April 30th). The only reason I propose cutting both out is because I'm actually afraid that If I only cut one out it will just enhance my attraction to the other. What do you think...what should I cut out?? 
Could I give up beer?

Headed up the lift at Beaver Creek.

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Ms. Runnin Sole said...

Sounds like you had an AWESOME vacay in Colorado! I would definitely cut out chocolate...I'm 22 too and there's no way you can cut out beer!