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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Me vs. The Cupcake

On Sunday, a hint of spring had me out the door and on a long run. I felt so crappy about skipping a week of running. I really felt the whole training plan slipping out of my hands so I just knew that I had to go on my longest run yet: 14 miles. It was slow and painful, but definitely rewarding. Mile 9 put me on a trail at the top of a really big hill in Rock Creek Park and I had to walk for 25 minutes. By mile 12 my calves, ankles, and left hip were yelling at me...on the verge of screaming. Some foam-rolling, stretching, and icing helped, but I was still really sore for the next 24 hours. At least I know I worked hard, right?

So if you read my post yesterday you know that I have a hard decision to make. Beer or chocolate? What's gettin' the ax? Well, this is the conclusion I've made: although I can honestly say I'm more in love with chocolate than beer, I'm going to have to cut chocolate out of my diet completely (I've tried doesn't work for me). Beer gets to stay, but only one night of the week, and no more than 4 drinks. This is soley for the purpose of not becoming a hermit crab and so that I can actually continue to socialize with my friends (which usually occurs at bars).

Giving up chocolate is going to be HARD. I'm talking like just as hard as running 26.2 miles. My boss literally laughed at me when I told her I wasn't eating chocolate for 2 months (she has witnessed me take candy from her desk every 3 hours for about a year now, so who can blame her?) Yesterday was the first day of my challenge and don't ya know...devil came a knockin' in the form of a free, home-made chocolate cupcake with chocolate hazelnut icing (an attorney in my office has a wife who likes to bake a lot, so he brings them in to share). What did I do? I'm not gonna lie...for a second my mind wandered to "well, maybe I'll start the challenge tomorrow," but then I went to the kitchen, walked right past the cupcakes and grabbed my carrot slices from the fridge. YES, I SAID CARROTS. Let it be know that I, Samantha Webb, addict of all things sweet and sugary, passed up a free cupcake and replaced it with carrots. Sam: 1 Cravings: 0. Boo-ya.


Anonymous said...

Congrats - I think. Ice-Cream is my nemesis. I haven't ate any since the first week in Feb.

amanda said...

Great job. I also kicked a cupcakes booty this weekend. I went to a baby shower and they had beautiful home made cupcakes with edible butterflies. None for me. I liked looking at them, but that's it. Take that cupcakes!

ashley (redonk runner) said...

as a girl who had 5, YES 5, cupcakes last week, i could not follow in your footsteps.