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Thursday, March 10, 2011


My friend Caitlin recently asked for some motivation with her training. She is running her first half-marathon at the Nashville Rock N Roll race when Erin and I are running our first full, so big props to her! I gave her the usual motivation (self-accomplish, cool swag, drinking lots of beer after the race, etc).

This got me thinking about what my motivation was. What caused me, an average athlete and never a natural runner, to want to run 26.2 miles?!? I don't think there was ever a specific moment, it was probably more of a series of several events, but one day does stick out in my memory: Halloween 2010.

I should give you a side note here that explains I've pretty much always had thunder thighs and probably always will - it's just one of those things I should accept about my body, but that doesn't mean I won't try to get rid of them. (I'm convinced it's genetics. Just ask the women in my family...we are undefeated at leg-wrestling)

So, back to the story: Halloween was tons of fun - went out that night with a bunch of friends. I was dressed as Katy Perry in an Elmo T-shirt, short black shorts, and black boots (remember her sesame street debacle?) I was headed home and probably only 50 yards from my front door when I passed by a group of guys on the sidewalk. One of the guys reached out like he was going to touch me and yelled "oh look, it's Tickle Me Elmo!" Uhh, buddy didn't your parents teach you about personal space? You don't just tickle strangers! So of course, being the smart a$$ that I am, I jump back and say to him "I don't think so. I'm Katy Perry, not Elmo, so get it right." His little wolfpack gets quiet as he looks me up and down and in a very serious tone says "You don't have the legs to pull off Katy Perry."

Who says that to a stranger?!? I remember turning to go into my house and flipping him the bird as if I didn't care what he thought...but once in my room I immediately googled "marathon training plans." Haha! That rude guy has no idea how much he motivated me :)

Katy Perry and Pocahontas

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