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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The World is Not Ending

I think I might be a legit runner now because after 3 days without running, I'm going through withdrawals. It has sent my anxiety level through the roof so today I'm taking time to tell myself that the world is not ending.

Saturday was my half marathon and Sunday was a rest day. See pic below for a good laugh. I have no idea why or how my face got like that; I'm just proud both my feet are off the ground. haha.

Then came the week from hell. Once a year my colleagues and I put on a conference for one of our clients. It is a crazy and hectic time, but it's also fun and exciting. On Monday and Tuesday I worked 13 hour days (and today will be close to that). I was too tired and simply out of time to run this week.

Irrational thoughts started to invade my mind. I almost had myself convinced that 3 days without exercise could undo the past 4 months of training. Enough. Someone slap me already. Yes I need to run, but I also need to relax. It's okay that I went 3 days without running. Its okay that I only got 2 miles in this morning before work. And it's okay that I might not do as well as I hoped for this weekend on my longest run before the race. It's okay. The world is not ending. Now I have to go do my taxes because we all know that if any group has the power to end the world it's the IRS :)

1. If you can't work-out how do you keep your stress level down? (Please don't tempt me with the answer of food b/c we all know how much I love it)
2. Judging by my lack of miles this week do you think I should adjust my long run this weekend? (its supposed to be 22 miles)
3. We were teased in DC with a hint of spring. This week has been back to winter. It's 39 degrees right now. What's the temp where you are?


ashley (redonk runner) said...

i do the same thing - convincing myself that missing 2 runs will mean i have to start over lol. it's silly, we should slap each other. i have no good advice - when i miss runs and feel anxious i usually indulge in too many cupcakes in wine! :)

Jon said...

Funny how it takes SO long to get into really good shape, and yet your brain *thinks* your body can undo it all in 3 days. Chances are you only got more fitter by actually resting.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

1. To relieve stress without a proper workout, I usually resort to my standby of pushups and situps. Even when I worked in a lab, I'd find twenty minutes to run down to the conference room, do some reps, and come back. I'd do that a few times and I'd be good for the day.

2. I'd say run by feel this weekend. If you make the whole 22 miles, awesome! If you get ten miles in and think 15, 18, or 20 are a better choice, go with that. I agree with Jon though, you'll most likely feel AMAZING on the run.

3. We had temps in the 50's this week and today I woke up to snow on the ground.

The Green Girl said...

If I can't make it to kickboxing and I can't squeeze in any runs, I'll wake up early and throw a DVD in before work. Jillian Michaels will get me going!