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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dang It.

Why does life have provide me with so many fun things to do on the same day?? I mean, doesn't it know how indicisive I am?

Also, I am really bad about seeing something and needing to sign-up/buy it at that very instant instead of waiting to think about it and/or checking my schedule. So now I've put myself in the following predicament: I didn't realize the 8k race I signed up for is a night race. It sounds awesome because I've never done a night race before. Afterwards all the runners go to happy hour together at a bar that gives good specials to everyone with a bib number. Sounds cool, right?! Too bad I also bought tickets to the first country music concert of the summer that takes place at the exact same time. It is going to be a kick-a$$ concert featuring Jason Aldean, Eric Church, JaneDear Girls, Steel Magnolia, Sunny Sweeney, and Eden's Edge. If you don't know any of those people you can leave my blog now (just kidding! don't go! stay! bring your friends!)

I love Eric Church so much that last year I snuck past 2 security guards just to get this pic of him:
So I'm obviously torn between two of my favorite things in life: running races and outdoor country music concerts. The only thing that could be worse is if someone figured out how to throw food in the if I was also signed up for a cheesecake taste test or something.

Clearly this is a hard decision for me & I'm extremely worried about missing out on the fun:
P.S. - Can't you tell? I'm not hung over at all from that St. Patty's day party last night (nose rapidly growing)  :)

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theAlmostRunner said...

that picture is cute! love the glasses.