Join me as I travel around the country to fulfill my goal of running a marathon or half marathon in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Race #11: Run for the Buds 1/2 Marathon - October 15 - Wilmington, DE - 2:25:39

Sometimes it's just not your day. Sometimes you wear the wrong amount of clothing,  get a blister on your ankle, feel like you've got lead in your legs, slept on your neck wrong, have to climb a mountain at mile 8, ate the wrong thing for breakfast, and just don't feel your best. Sometimes it's just not your day. 

The Run for the Buds was a small local race to raise money for a program that helps kids with intellectual disabilities, such as down syndrome. A lot of the kids were running in the 5k race and they were all so excited and giddy before the start of the race, you just couldn't help but smile at their enthusiasm for life. Shelling out so much money for races is much less painful when you know it's for a worthy cause. We didn't have timing chips, so the time is unofficial, but trust me, it's accurate. If I was going to lie about my time I'm pretty sure I'd give myself something better than 68th out of 87th place. When even the police (who were closing the roads for you to run safely) leave because they are tired of waiting so long for you to finish, you know you've had a bad race. 

Aside from my personal failure of the run, both the weather and course were superb. It was a perfect autumn day and the course was a challenging, yet scenic path through a park and down a main street in Delaware. Although I'm griping about my time, deep down I'm still pretty proud just to finish the race. Sometimes I get jaded to the fact that simply completing 13 miles on any given day is an accomplishment. Like they say, "Even if you're last, you're still lapping everyone on the couch!" :)

As always, for your entertainment: 

I know, I know. Sometimes it's hard to tell if Sam is short for Samantha or Samuel. Whatevs.

Black pants were a bad choice.

If that banner isn't the finish line I'll have to hurt someone.
Uncrustables and grapes for the ride home! Takes you right back to 6th grade doesn't it?
 Getting great deals at the Nike Outlet store will make me feel better:
$55 Capris for only $9!!!!! Awwww, yeahhh.

Got a problem? Just WORK IT OUT.

$20. I'm much more stylin' on my commute to work these days.
 Happy (better than me) running, 
p.s. - I'm headed to Ireland on Friday! See ya in two weeks when I will be posting amazing pictures, I'm sure! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Race #10: Wilson Bridge 1/2 Marathon - October 2 - Mt. Vernon, VA - Finish Time: 2:12:26

Oh, 4:30 am weekend wake-up calls, how I love you so.
Leaving my apartment. Yeah, that says 4:58 am

I could summarize the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon one of two ways:

a) In exactly one week I improved my half marathon time by 6 minutes; or
b) I missed my half marathon PR by 5 minutes.

For the sake of keeping a shred of self confidence I think I'll stick with the first one. Not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for back to back half marathons, but there are some hilarious pictures that are the result of that decision. I'm happy to provide a moment of laughter for you all. 

As for the Wilson Bridge 1/2 Marathon, I really liked the course, but it's not anywhere near my favorite because I'll always be partial to out-and-back or loop races. Point-to-point races require more logistics such as waking up earlier than humanly possible to provide time for loading up buses and transporting people to the start line. After the race we waited in long (very cold) lines to get back to the parking lot which wasn't super close to the finish line in National Harbor, Maryland.

I will say that the medals and the tech shirts were of excellent quality and design. I really like them. On the other hand, I despised the expo because it was ridiculously hard to find and when I eventually found it I had to wait in line because they only allowed a small group of people into the cramped room at one time to get their packet. For a $90 race I was extremely disappointed that there were exactly ZERO freebies in my race bag. Really? You couldn't even throw a mini Cliff Bar in there?!?
"The Awakening" is a sculpture of a man breaking free from the earth. It was just before the finish line.

Oh, and I can't forget to add to my "awesome spectator sign" list. Around mile 8 we were just about to cross the (large) bridge when I spotted "Chuck Norris never ran the Wilson Bridge!" and "Getting up early to make this sign wasn't easy either!" They both made me laugh and gave me a little boost to get over that bridge. Thanks, spectators!

And now for your entertainment:
WHAT are my arms doing?!

People are wearing jackets and I'm smiling...this must have been mile 1.

I'm so pretty.

Pure pain. Pushin' it for the home stretch! :)

Yay! I'm done! Where's the food?
This was the first solo run I've done in a while. Usually I have at least one friend in the race with me or someone at the finish line. For this race I decided to treat myself to a solo, very sweaty brunch date at IHOP.
This is a feast fit for a queen, baby!
I don't play around.
1. What's your favorite brunch place?
2. What type of race do you prefer? Out and back? Loop? Point to Point?