Join me as I travel around the country to fulfill my goal of running a marathon or half marathon in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia!

About Me

Hi! I'm Sam. A mid-20's Florida gal livin the city life in Washington DC. If you want to know about how I first got started with running you can read more about it here. The short version is that I was an average athlete throughout my whole life. After college I wasn't part of a team and needed something to devote myself to if I wanted to keep drinking Bud Light every weekend. Enter: distance running.

I absolutely love to travel and I've found a new love (kinda, it's complicated) for running so I thought, "why not combine the two?" That's when I decided that I would run a marathon or half marathon in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. I have no idea how long it will take me, but this goal is more about enjoying every race, improving myself, and meeting amazing people along the way.

Due to a lack of funding, and because I'm no Dean Karnazes, I'm not racing in a new state every day; which means I have to find other junk to fill this blog in the meantime and try to entertain you all. If my post isn't about running, running gear, or running friends, it's most likely about one of the following: food, photography, my ridiculous obsession with cowboy boots, frozen yogurt, college basketball, something I just HAD to buy from Target, chocolate, my crazy family (5 living generations right now!...yeah we pop 'em out young. what?), missing the beach, the latest Carrie Underwood song, or other randomness. What's guaranteed is that there will be dry humor and sarcasm included in just about every post. You probably shouldn't take anything I say too seriously.

Some people are natural born runners - I am not one of them. I like running, not because it's easy, but because it's a challenge. I'm single. I have a tiny apartment. I don't have kids or a pet. My job isn't too terribly difficult. Basically, my life is relatively simple. Running gives me a reason to push myself to unfamiliar and uncomfortable limits. It's funny that running can demand so much of your body while simultaneously easing your mind. On a long run I can obtain a sense of clarity, freedom, and peace unlike any other time. I'm so happy that running has enabled me to take pride in my health, be invested in my own future, and interact with some of the best, most supportive, positive people on earth.

Every day I gain knowledge and inspiration from all you amazing running bloggers. I hope this blog can inspire people once in a while, but mostly I just want to entertain you with my race photos to make you feel better about yourself. Ha.

And now for some youtube randomness: I dare you to try and watch this video without smiling. In fact, I double dog dare ya!

Happy Running,

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