Join me as I travel around the country to fulfill my goal of running a marathon or half marathon in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia!


Personal Records (PRs) are a funny thing. They are personal - which means we shouldn't be comparing ours to other people, right? Maybe not. 

Yes, I'm constantly competing with myself, not others, but I think it can be healthy to compare times once in a while. I know I've definitely looked at other runners' times and said "Damn! I need to go do some track speed work. I want to be fast like _____."

I'm no speedy gonzalez, so I don't know if I'll be motivating anyone with these times, but if you're a new runner and these times seem like something you would like to strive for I just want you to know that there was a once a time in my life that a mile was a "long" run and a 12 minute pace was fast. You can do it. :)

5k                         27:23 June 2011 - Lawyers Have Heart 5k in Washington, DC
Half Marathon   2:07:35 March 2011 - National 1/2 Marathon in Washington, DC
Marathon           5:14:57 April 2011 - Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN

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