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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lazy Running

No, that's not an oxymoron. Don't roll your eyes - I know you know what I'm talking about. I haven't used my Nike tracking app in a month. I haven't even looked at my training plan in weeks. Lately I've been going on runs without a set distance or pace. I could blame my lack of running frequency and intensity on earthquakes or hurricanes, both of which happened in DC lately, but let's just be honest: I've been a lazy runner.

I've resolved to do twice-a-day workouts until I'm back to my normal training state of mind. I suppose a few general lazy days won't be devastating, but a few lazy running days can set you back pretty far. Ordering Chinese food instead of cooking dinner won't kill anyone. Watching a movie instead of doing the laundry isn't the end of the world. But, running 26.2 miles without serious training? Now that's something I'm sure you'll regret.
Eating at Waffle House instead of cooking dinner might actually kill someone. I wouldn't advise testing that theory.

I have way too many races coming up to be acting like this. I suppose some other life events came up and I just put serious running (and blogging) on the backburner. Shame on me. Don't I know that running is like the icing on your gingerbread house? It keeps the rest of life from sliding off the roof (I apologize for the cheeziness of that analogy - colder weather must have me in a Christmas mood).

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys! I bought a shirt from Kylee over at Daily Vitamin F. Pretty rad, huh?
Cancer totally sucks.
1. What do you guys do when you're in a running rut?
2. I don't usually wear graphic tee's but Kylee's is awesome. What does your favorite graphic tee say on it? 


Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

1. Two years ago, I ran MCM training 1x/week. Don't do it!
2. Running rut - I try to go somewhere fun, get new shoes, sign up for a race, or run with someone else.
3. I don't have a ton of graphic ts, but my husband has one the "say hello to my little friend" with the gnome, and wants to dress Ellie up like a gnome and carry her around.

Erin said...

I hate running ruts!!!
When I get in them, I try to mix it up by doing a little speedwork or something, making a new ipod playlist or writing down my daily/weekly goal on paper.... gives me motivation to cross it off when I'm finished.

Good luck!!!!!

Marie said...

Hi! First time commenter here! That t-shirt is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I am running my first half-marathon in 2 weeks, and I'm raising money for the American Cancer Society. I am SO going to order one of those shirts and I hope I get it before race day!!!!!! Thank you for posting about it!

To answer your questions......
1. Running rut -- I like changing things up, like running to a fun destination instead of doing a loop. Or doing hill repeats (I know crazy, but I really like them bc you focus on short intervals, and you get to walk down the hill, and then before you know it you've done 4 miles and a killer strength routine.) I also read running blogs that I find really inspiring.

2. I think the one you're wearing (and I'm going to order) is my new favorite graphic tee!!!

Kiley said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! The shirt looks great on you! And by the way, 'Marie' who commented just above...she really did get a shirt! Thanks for the advertising!!!

Julia said...

last time i was in a rut (a few weeks ago) i just took a week off and then tried out running different times of day. morning, afternoon, night...I finally got back into my morning routines and remembered why I love it. I also started running with more people again! definitely motivating! my cancer sucks shirts is one of my faves!!!

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

I've had more then my fair share of running ruts in my life, some are easier to get out of then others. This summer I was in a major rut that took awhile for me to overcome. Maybe you need a switch-a-roo in your rouine to spice things up. Maybe get some cute gear or funky shoe laces or even try a few new routes, spice it up girl!

Running takes a lot out of you, especially if you're marathon training. Don't feel bad that you don't want to prance around and do cartwheels about your workouts, it happens.

Erik Ammon said...

Running rut? I usually take a day or two off and then make myself get back out. Once I start a run, I'm usually ok. It's actually been a while since I was in a running rut. I'll also pop in a p90x dvd as well for something to do.
Favorite graphic tee? It's the torso of a wookie...I needed something less hairier than me...

RunToTheFinish said...

i guess I was a lazy runner for years :) I always just ran because I could until these last couple years where I have actually been trying to get faster.

Usually I toss in some crazy workout like Turbo Jam and it shakes things up to get me back on track

Anonymous said...

Definitely been in a running rut before! I usually download a brand new running play list and hope that the music motivates me to get out the door.

Love the teeshirt. Cancer does totally suck.

Courtney said...

i go on an itunes shopping spree. or try a new trail or place. usually works for me. that or take a week off, then i usually miss it so much i want to get back.

love the shirt!

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

LOVE "running sucks" -- I'm sportin' it as often as possible, so I'm sure I'll have a PR in my next race LOL!