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Friday, May 20, 2011

I won a Giveaway and I'm having a Giveaway!

Yesterday I won a necklace on Team Lando's blog! Woo hoo! I was so excited for my first win. If you don't follow her you should because she's a runner and an awesome new mom.
In an effort to pay it forward and in appreciation for having more than one hundred followers I am having a giveaway too! But first you have to read about my day.

Yesterday was pretty exciting at work. A few members of our team had to present some of their new ideas for potential clients. Amy and I gave a presentation about reaching out to potential clients in...just guess which field...yup you guessed it, the health and nutrition field! I knew y'all would be super proud of us.  Did you know that this generation of children will have shorter life expectancies than their parents due to obesity...that's the first time that has happened in over 200 years. That fact is super scary and we all need to help change it! (Yeah, I know preachin' to the choir guys are all leading by example and I think you're awesome!)
See! I actually DO own clothes other than spandex and t-shirts :)
After work I went to volunteer at Capital Striders. They are having an awesome trail race this weekend followed by happy hour (evening race). Unfortunately I have the first country concert of the summer to go to or else I would so be there. I went to help stuff the freebie bags. Although I've done a bunch of races I've never been a volunteer to help put on a race so it was really nice to give back to such a great community. 

To reward myself for volunteering I allowed myself to eat massive amounts of fro-yo. Putting flyers in bags=burning 1,500 calories, no?
Trust me, that's fro-yo. You just can't tell because I like to get every topping imaginable.
Afterwards I made it to my cousin's house where for the next week I am the proud momma of this lil pup:
She's a scrappy lil Mexican dog named Trixie
I'm gonna try to take Trixie for a run tomorrow morning...she's pretty energetic so I think she'll do fine. I just hope she doesn't make me look bad in front of all the other running dog-moms in this richy-rich neighborhood.

Okay enough making you suffer through the play by play of my day. Don't lie - I know you're here for the free goods. If you win you get a saucony bag and a tech wicking t-shirt!

I'll be honest, the shirt is a little big. It's unisex and I got it at my latest race, but they ran out of size smalls. I'm 5'8" and as you can see below it's a little too big for me. If you're taller, or have a man friend who might want it, or if you just like your shirts a little big you should enter the giveaway b/c it's a really nice shirt. I like it, but I just don't like things to go to waste and I know this one will just sit in the back of my closet. 

Apparently, awkwardly holding my arms out like that will allow you to see the real size of the shirt...or at least that's what was in my mind at the time.
Mandatory: Follow me and then leave a comment
Optional: Post to your blog and then leave a comment
Giveaway ends Friday the 27th!

Happy Running, 


Tricia said...

I follow :)

enjoy the doggie time!

Team Lando said...

Thanks for the shout out! :)

Flor said...

I follow!!!

A big size would be perfect :)

Julie said...

I follow!
That Trixie is adorable!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I already follow...and I read even without a giveaway ;). Love what you did your presentation on. I see it in the school each year...and each year it seems to get worse. It is so bothersome...especially now that they may be taking some phys ed classes away to help the budget!

Kiley said...

I'm a follower

~K~ said...

i follow!

Heidi said...

I follow.... and I would follow you anywhere, even without a prize:)
you are my prize !

Samantha said...

omg mom, you're so mushy ;)

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Ooooo - I love the bag :) I heart saucony!

The Green Girl said...

awkwardly holding my arms out like that will allow you to see the real size of the shirt That's how I stand all the time! I'm so muscular that I am incapable of putting my arms down. ::giggles::

Stacie said...

I'm a follower!!