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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm a flying bat...

A squatting owl is probably more accurate, but whatevs, you get the point (the point is that my whole life I have stayed up way too late so now I'm pretty much nocturnal). This week has been no exception. When you find yourself watching Oprah at 1 am for three nights in a row some drastic steps need to be taken. For me, my body decided to take them for me by demanding that I fall asleep in my work clothes at 6 pm last night.

I woke up at 11 pm in the most frantic and crazy way, throwing off my covers and jumping out of bed and thinking "Omg, it's dark! Is it night or morning? Am I late for work? Where am I?!?" Ha.

When I found out it was night I calmed down, and then got sad for missing my evening run...or did I? Yes this little miss spontaneous over here put on some running clothes, my neon brooks jacket, and laced up. 

I ate this for an impromptu 11 pm dinner: 

Then I went for a 5 mile midnight run around the monuments (Mom, if you're reading this, don't worry, it's all a lie. I really just locked my door and went back to bed).

Don't I live in a cool place?? Feel free to come visit and run a race with me in this awesome city.
Washington Monument

This memorial has the ability to scare the crap outta people in the daytime, so you can imagine its effect on me at night. It's so life-like!

Visiting my good friend Abe...woops, I cut off his head

There he is!

1. What's the most spontaneous or random run you have ever done?
2. What are your tips for running in the dark? Reflective gear? Mini flash light? Mace? For me it's that bright jacket and not wearing my ipod only wearing one earbud so that I'm more aware of my surroundings.


Pritch said...

My most spontaneous run occurred back in college (The Citadel) when we had to retrieve the stolen plastic Santa that we swore to protect. After a couple of hours of searching and sneaking in upperclassmen’s rooms we finally found him…unfortunately the upperclassmen were waiting…with a snake. They chased us for a while until we realized that we outnumbered them and then hunter became the hunted. By the end of the night, we had the upperclassmen locked in a gun turret until morning came. Yes, we got Santa back.

I have no tips for running in the dark besides wearing reflective clothing.

Erin said...

First of all, I love that you used "whatevs" my friends and I make it a game to see what words we can abbreviate. And second, I love that your mom is terrified of you running in the dark, in the city.... my mom is the exact same way!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I once went for a 2AM run back in college. I was over at a friends dorm and got uber stressed out. I walked back to my dorm, got dressed, and headed out for what was probably a 3 mile run. I got some weird looks as I passed some of the clubs/bars in Boston!

Monuments would be so much better.

And when I run past sundown now, I carry a flashlight. I really should get a reflective vest though too.

theAlmostRunner said...

i cannot believe you get to freaking run around the monuments. what the hellllll i need to move to DC obviously.

Pam said...

What an awesome run! The monuments look really cool at night. I'm not really that spontaneous, but I do run in the dark in the winter. I haven't been able to find a reflective vest that wasn't meant for a 300 pound man, unfortunately, so I safety pin it to my shirt. And I use a clip on light on a baseball cap.

alisonds said...

I've only spend a day in Washington but it looks lovely at night. The Washington monument is so shiny at night! Love the photos of your run! x

Teamarcia said...

Very cool run, as long as you're safe! I always like to avoid dawn and dusk when the mountain lions are most active.

Julia said...

i love this run! so fun and adventurous :)

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

okay so i love that you went out like that. I so would do one with you when I go visit my brother!

Alexa said...

Lov it and LOVE your impromptu photo shoot!

Team Lando said...

Best run ever (not spontaneous, but insane) was a 5K with my husband the morning of our wedding. AMAZING. I loved it, but I hadn't run for the month before due to work and wedding craziness. Good thing I did that run, too, as my dress barely fit! **Advice to anyone doing a marathon a month before their wedding, then slacking off - Do NOT get your dress sized the week of the marathon. You won't be that skinny at your wedding! **

And I like the new blog look!

Nina said...

I'd be too scared to go run at midnight, unless it's on a treadmill at the 24 hour gym I go to. I once worked out at 9pm at my old gym with my personal trainer. Most annoying thing ever since I went home at 4pm after I got off work to hang out for a few hours and then went back.
Love the pimp-ness of your blog. I can't figure out how to do a custom header and design. Teach me.

Richelle said...

I wear reflective gear and a head lamp if I run at night. Bonus points for a reflective vest that also has blinking LED lights.

Running Mama said...

I don't run in the dark, but when I have, it's early morning runs. I definitely kept me running longer/faster!

As for gear, all I have are my Brooks running shoes and shuffle ipod. No reflective gear.

FruitFly said...

Okay - I almost always run in the dark when it is not summer. I have a lamp post thing in one route that makes me jump every single time. From afar it looks like a man standing and watching. That memorial scared me just by looking at this blog!!

I'm a terrible night runner. I always prefer to go unnoticed and unseen because I feel safer that way. I just assume everyone I see is a serial killer - and it keeps me going fast. Most of my gloves have reflective parts to them, and sometimes I have a little flashing red light. But generally in the dark I am invisible - but I have my Road ID - I plan to toss it when I get kidnapped so as to leave a clue. Also I'll toss my Garmin - so they can see where I was when they have to track down my kidnappers.

I don't have an active imagination at all.