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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My New Tattoo...and the rest of my awesome day.

Once in a while everyone should treat themselves to a day of responsibilities. Just what you want, when you want. Today was that day for me. It.was.awesome.

I borrowed my cousin's car this weekend, so I got a ton of stuff done.

1. I got a haircut and was really excited/nervous for my tattoo!

2. But first I got a pedicure.
3. And bought myself a new running outfit:

I should invest in stock in Nike considering the amount of money I spend on their gear.
 4. And bought new sunglasses:

Damn, I broke my strict no-sunglasses-inside-unless-you-want-to-be-a-douche-bag policy.
 5. And drank a beer with lunch.
6. And bought some hand-made fudge.

OMG, would you look at that?!? The fudge shop gave me a piece that has a bite out of it!
errr...confession: I hate when I have such little self control that I can't wait 30 seconds to get my camera out for a blog picture.
 7. And I went for a run in my bright neon Brooks jacket:

I'm half Sharpei. Don't judge.
 8. Okay are you jumping around in anticipation yet?!?! I GOT A TATTOO:

What's really cool is that it's not just a random's my handwriting :) This tattoo is pretty simple, but the artist is really skilled so if you're in the DC area and need any work done go to Amy X at Rick's Tattoo in Arlington. She's artistic, reasonably priced, and friendly (unlike a few other tattoo artists I've met). The wrist hurt less than my first tat. The placement is perfect b/c I can cover it up with a watch if I ever need to at work. I LOVE IT!
 Today was the best day ever. For reals.

1) If you could spoil yourself for a day (don't consider money for the object of this exercise), what's one thing that would be on your list of things to do?   I would def have a personal chef bring me yummy things to eat while I lie in bed watching re-runs of Modern Family. Freakin love that show.
2) Do you have tattoos? What are they?
3) Isn't EMZ amazing?!? What's the longest (time wise) that you've run?


Team Lando said...

1. Massage. Long run at the beach. Good food. Sleep. Good books,

2. No tats, but my little bro is a tattoo artist.

3. Longest run = 50K in middle of NOWHERE West Virginia. Was pretty sure I'd die out there. I didn't!

The Eco School said...

1. Rock climbing session followed by snowboarding in freshies. Then having someone feed me something yummy and cheesy followed by something chocolatey because I will be toot tired to lift a fork. And of course ending the day curled up with my hubbers!

2. Tat 1: Tree of life. Tat 2: Lotus flower. Both on lower back. Next one will be to celebrate our marriage!

3. Longest run ever= mayyyyyybe 5 miles. Mayyyybe? I think it took me a little under an hour. Felt like for-ev-er.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Such a busy/awesome day!
What a great tattoo--especially as it's your handwriting. I'm deathly afraid of needles so I don't see that happening anytime soon!

Erin@JustBreathe said...

I have been dying to get a tattoo on my wrist!!!! How was it??? Did it hurt? How long did it take??? This may sound a little odd... but you are really motivating me to get mine soon!

Julie said...

From the cute nike clothes to the beer to the very yummy looking fudge to the tattoo...that DOES sound like a great day!

Running Moose said...

1. Long run through Yellowstone National Park, followed by a photography tour through the park with a 500mm lens that I'd love to have and then spend the night watching movies with my wife and kids-outside, at Yellowstone (a place I'd love to go to- can you tell?)

2. I have a wolf on my right upper arm (represents family- and I love wolves) and a Chinese dragon on my left with the Chinese characters for family mixed in with flames.

3. Longest run was 13.2, but I should be surpassing that in the next couple weeks. I also have a 50k I signed up for in October!

Julia said...

cutest haircut, glasses and outfit! LOVE that looks so delicious. and that tattoo is amazing!

If I could do anything I would want to go shopping, out to a nice lunch, come home and take a nap without feeling guilty and then read for fun the rest of the day.
I have 2 tattoos but want at least one more! and Longest run is 18 miles thus far :)

Pam said...

Definitely would need a massage for my day of pampering, and I'm pretty sure the beach would be involved.

I have a sunshine on my hip (really, my ass) about the size of a quarter. I love it! I've been considering a little running figure for my opposite hip (on the front this time).

Longest run was my first and only (so far) marathon in March :)

Pam said...

Oh, and I meant to say...Love the tattoo you got! That looks really great! The handwriting is a nice touch :)

Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome young lady. I wouldnt run THAT fast even if a bear was chasing me ! love seeing your blog!
<3 aunt shelley and uncle Tommy
p.s. I got my first tattoo at Ricks !!

Kristin W said...

I love the tattoo!! That spot is definitely on the list for my next one.

Oooo...I'd spend the day on a shopping spree at all the stores I can never afford. And probably eating at the most delicious restaurants all day. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

The chef idea sounds amazing, but if I've only got one thing to request, I'd be allowed a full days access to the Kona Ironman route.

I love your new tat, especially that it's your own handwriting. I don't have any yet, but I've had multiple planned since high school (all that will be hand-drawn/written) I want [im]perfect on my left forearm, but I keep holding off hoping I'll settle into a career first.

My longest time run was last October's half marathon, 1:35.

theAlmostRunner said...

what the H? i thought i already commented on this. anyway, it looks like the best freaking saturday anyone could ever have.

Michael said...

Love everything about this post. Love the hair cut, the new running outfit, the sunglasses and the tatoo. Well, maybe I'm not loving the picture of the fudge since I haven't had sugar in 6 days and now I want some bad!

The Green Girl said...

What an awesome all-about-you day! Love that you used your own writing for the tattoo - that rocks so hard.

Alyssa said...

Love the new sunglasses and the tat! So cute! Your day of pampering sounds like heaven to me. If a maid could be thrown into the mix life would be perfect.

Heidi said...

I'm very jealous ;) Tried to have a day like that today... no pedicure on Sunday...they were all closed.... man :(

Anyway, I love the tat and the haircut.
Miss you like crazy.

Richelle said...

1. 2-hour massage. Sushi. A run in beautiful weather. Not necessarily in that particular order.

2. I have a tattoo of the Ragnar Relay logo above my left ankle with my team number in smaller font above that. I ran Ragnar last year with a couple family members and my fiance and I loved the experience so much I wanted to commemorate it.

3. EMZ is amazing! I ran about 14-15 miles once by accident because I got lost.

Richelle said...

P.S. Your tattoo rocks!

Heidi said...

ooops forgot to add... longest run ever.... when the ice cream truck didn't see me and I had to chase him around the block :o

Kiley said...

That tattoo is sweet!!! I once wanted one of my sister's signature (she passed away when I was 19). Yours is really sweet! And cute hair cut :)

Jen said...

What a great day! Love your new outfit!
If money was no object, I'd fly to Italy for some pizza and sightseeing followed by a trip to Venice for a ride in a gondola with some sweet singing in the background and stars overhead.
No tattoos for me.
Longest run was a marathon. EMZ is totally amazing.

FruitFly said...

I love your tattoo! I keep thinking of getting something running related for that same spot. I figure it is a great spot during a race when you need a little motivation! I have one tattoo - a simple outline of Mickey Mouse's head on my lower back. I refuse to call it a tramp stamp because I did it waaayyy before that term ever came to be. I had it traced off of a pay check in Florida when I worked for the little man.

My longest running time I guess is just shy of 3 hours - but that was for a half marathon, and we were stopping for pictures at every character stop - so that wasn't solid movement. I am no where near as cool as EMZ. I can't even entertain the thought of running as long as she did!

Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

You are so gorgeous! I love your tattoo! I can't believe that's your own handwriting...mine is horrible, I would never want to have it tattooed on myself, hahaha:). Happy to "meet" another DC-area runner:).

Erika said...

Amy did my wrist tat also! Kewl