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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toning Tuesday - Week 2

If you missed week 1, you can find it here

So obviously no not a visual change yet, but I definitely feel the change. I'll admit to only doing the DVD 3.5 times this week, shy of the 5 times a week Jillian recommends. This is partly b/c I had too many adult beverages this weekend, and partly because I didn't really want my abs to dial 911 when they ignited on fire. Jillian Michaels really likes to combine cardio with her ab workout. This results in me screaming at the t.v. and scaring the dog half to death. I find myself yelling things like "burpees are evil!" "damn it Jillian, my butt keeps popping up like a Mexican jumping bean, how do you stay so steady in plank position?!" "how do you not need a rest and/or water yet, you devil woman?!" 

Maybe taking pictures in front of different mirrors isn't the most accurate way of recording progress. I should probably invest in a measuring tape or something like that. 
Did you think I broke into someone's house so that I could have more than 11 inches in my efficiency to do my work-out DVDs? Sounds like something I would do, but really I'm just dog-sitting at my cousin's house for the week.

So sweaty. Hair is lookin a hot mess after Jillian kicked my a$$

Ha! Look at my face. I think I'm sayin "Oooh, is that a little muscle definition I see down there?" Nope, just a kit-kat bar that I swallowed whole. False alarm, folks.
On a side note, who watched the Bachelorette last night? I'm thoroughly disappointed in the selection of eye-candy. I usually do pretty well on March Madness brackets, so I'm guessing I'll do pretty well on this bachelorette bracket too. Who wants to fill one out?! $5 entry?! haha. Also, apparently the douche who readily admits to the camera that he could care less about her is from Tampa, Florida. Just great, my home town is representin some quality men.


theAlmostRunner said...

crap. has it seriously been a week since i said, "crap. she's gonna have such better abs than i'll ever start to have"? crap.

gloryrunning said...

Girl, you are freaking hilarious. . I can't tell what is going to help me get stronger abs first: sprint crunch drills - or laughing from reading your blog.

Julia said...

bachelorette bracket!?! I am so in! haha. this season looks crazy. I am already obsessed and have been reading everything I can ALL day long.

Also...I love that you said "nope thats just a kit kat I swallowed whole" too friend! me too! haha.

you will see results in no time though :)

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

do you like the videos? I have so many friggin videos but if you think that one is good with abs let me know...I could use some muscle help down there lol.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Love that you're doing this. Also a reminder that I have abs under there somewhere...I think!

Running Ricig said...

I freak out the dog yelling at the tv all the time!

ATTrio said...

Yep I watched and I agree, a little disappointed in the select.