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Friday, June 24, 2011

More Cushion for the Pushin'

Get your mind outta the gutter! I'm talking about custom insoles for running shoes, jeesh!

I'm obsessed with Living Social/Groupon deals so when I saw one come up for free custom insoles with the purchase of running shoes I couldn't really pass it up. I figured that Brooks cost about the same at all stores, so I might as well get something free out of buying a new pair. 
I def stole this photo idea from someone. I think it was Pam?
I questioned this thought process when I borrowed my cousin's car, drove out the Fit3 store in the suburbs and was greeted by a 14 year old sales clerk who would be creating my insoles. Apparently he is also the employee trainer. If he was 14, then his little apprentice had to be 12. I made the 12 year old take pictures of me during the custom insole process. Please don't call the child labor authorities on me. 
I have no idea if the kid has a future in athletic shoe sales, but I'm willing to hire him as my wedding photographer some day. 

Basically what they do is take these cute pink insoles, put them in a little oven thing for 5 minutes and then have you stand on them and roll your foot back and forth. The insole conforms to your foot, thus it is "custom." Then they put them in your new shoes. I went with the same pair of Brooks Adrenaline, but a different color this time and yesterday was my first run in them. They feel good, but I can't really tell if it's just a fresh pair of shoes, or the custom insoles that are making a difference. I don't know if they would be worth the ungodly amount that they are (It was somethin' straight up crazy, like $80).
So fresh and so clean, clean.
1. Have you ever had custom insoles made? Worth it?
2. What shoe are you currently running in and do you keep getting the same pair or switch it up? Currently my philosophy is if it aint broke, don't fix it, but in the past I've had Mizunos and New Balance.

Happy Running, 

P.S. - My legs were sooo heavy/tired yesterday on my 5 miler. Spin class really did wear me out!

P.P.S. - Thank you all for your wonderful/amazing/inspiring comments on my 12 things post. It means a lot to me :)


bobbie said...

I too LOVE my Brooks Adrenaline, I have the exact same ones as you! I was having just all over foot pains and mostly in my heels, I received some Sof Sole inserts and LOVE them!!

theAlmostRunner said...

I think those CUSTOM insoles aren't worth the price. I mean, it probably helps your shoes fit better, but ... he was 14.

At least you have a wedding photographer now.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I've been debating the whole "stick with what works" versus "change it up" theory and I honestly don't know where I fall. I've always ended up buying different pairs of shoes for two reasons: 1) I'm too cheap to buy two pairs at once, 2) they usually get rid of that pair by the time I get around to needed a new set.

I do, however, really like my current running shoe - the Adidas Swyft Cushion - and I'm debating picking up a second pair for the late summer/fall.

I've used general insoles in the past with really worn out shoes, but I've never had custom ones made. The general insoles will help for a time, but getting a new pair of shoes always does the trick as well.

Courtney said...

i use mizuno for street and a pair of new balance trail runners. i love my mizunos and luckily found them for $40 about a month after just buying a new pair. so i scooped them up and they're chilling in the closet until i need them!

Julia said...

I haven't tried custom insoles. I had orthotics made but didn't like them...dang it. that was a lot of money to decide i hated something. oh well! I am definitely the same first I was constantly trying to switch up my shoes and then I realized--why change something if it was already working??

have an awesome weekend!

Running Ricig said...

Brooks Adrenaline are seriously the best! I need to go get another pair as mine are definitely tapped out. I've never had custom insoles though!

Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

Haha, hmm...I would be skeptical of the 14/12 year olds helping me with my shoes, too:/. I don't have custom inserts, but I do have SuperFeet inserts, which I love! I have been meaning to get custom inserts made from my doctor's, but I haven't done it yet:/. I think those are REALLY expensive at first (I think they told me it was like $300 to make the molds, but then after that a new pair would only be like $80 or so). But I really want to do it!

Team Lando said...

I have been running in adrenalines (and the trail version) for something like 6 years. i <3 them.

Custom insoles - I can take em or leave em, but I LOVE my superfeet. I ran yesterday and today without them in my new pair, but I'm gonna put them in because I didn't like running without them!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I have the exact same Brooks as you too, and I love them! I tried some generic insoles once that were horrible--I've love to get some customs (one of my legs is longer than the other!)

Richelle said...

I have two pairs of custom orthotics. I'm currently using the first pair because I think there's something wrong with the second pair (i.e. it contributed to my knee issues last year).

I'm sticking with my Saucony Omni 9s for now, but I have worn New Balance, Adidas and Nike in the past.

Little Miss Runshine said...

I LOVE BROOKS!!! I haven't had custom insoles made. I haven't really had any major foot problems so they tell me "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

I run in Brooks Defyance!

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

I run in Mizunos, but posted a very similar post to your earlier this month. I also went and was fitted for shoe and had custom inserts made (not half off though-that's nice!). I love the inserts. I have really high arches and was having a lot of knee pain especially during my long runs and have not had it since using the inserts. So, far worth every penny!! Although next time I may save a few bucks and try the ones off the shelf first!!

Fruit Fly said...

I've never had any insoles of any kind. Actually, I've never had any help with shoes. I just find what feels comfy and looks cute. Right now I do my races in my adidas, and most training runs in them. I have Nikes that I ran in for a year - bought the same exact pair, and now use those every once in a while to mix it up.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

seriously try training in miami, it's crazy. I am trying to remember that it takes time to build up endurance in this heat, but I've done it before so it's possible!