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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Signin' up for races like crazy.

First off, Happy National Running Day! I was so happy that Rock N Roll is giving discounts on their races in honor of National Running Day, until I read the fine print. $13 off a half marathon registration EXCEPT for Vegas, Seattle, or San Diego. Boooo! Don't worry, I registered anyways.

I'm like 6 days into my billing cycle with Bank of America and more than half way to my credit limit. Hahaha. Good lord. Maybe buying 2 plane tickets and registering for 3 races within a week wasn't my best idea. Seemed good at the time. 

Here's what I've bought:
  • Flight to Portland, Oregon to visit my awesome cousin Molly and run a trail race with her
  • Registration for the Haulin Aspen 1/2 Marathon in Bend, Oregon
  • Flight to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual 4th of July lake weekend with all my college buddies
  • Registration for the State to State 1/2 Marathon that will allow me to check off Ohio AND Indiana while running with one of my most amazing friends, Lindsey. TWO STATES with one race, how cool, right?!?

  • Rock N Roll Vegas 1/2 Marathon! It's down the strip and it's a night race. I'm so pumped for this, you don't even know. I convinced my dad (didn't even have to twist his arm) that our family should get together in Vegas for vacation in December instead of getting together for Christmas. Since my youngest brother is obsessed with online poker it wasn't hard to get him on my side either, since he'll obviously enjoy a trip to the Mecca of poker. It's fine to be jealous of my fam. I would be too. Extra perk: there are going to be a ton of running bloggers there. You should really come so we can be real life friends :) Check out the details here.
    Here's what I want to buy in the next couple of months if I can afford it all:
    • Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Registration

    • Outer Banks 1/2 Marathon Registration

    • Flight to Las Vegas, Nevada (this is kinda mandatory - I am NOT wasting that $130 I just spent on the hurts me to type that number)

    I really need to find myself a pilot to marry. Either that or a race director. This crap is gettin pricey. If you know of any eligible bachelors help a girl out.

    Have you registered for any races recently? My race schedule is filling up quickly. Check out my upcoming races tab at the top.

    Where are you going for summer vacation? I can't wait to sport my super-classy American Flag bathing suit (which I totally got from Target) at Lake Lanier (near hot-lanta) this 4th of July. 

    P.S. - If you want some new beautiful, simple, and unique jewelry go check out Scene, Not Herd. I won this necklace off Team Lando's blog and I got in the mail this morning...obviously put it on immediately for work today. It's so me. Love it. 

    She can personalize them for you!

    Pretty necklaces and running make cubicle life better :)
    Now go lace up those shoes for national running day...even if it is just 20 minutes...get those endorphins goin! :)

    Happy Running, 


    theAlmostRunner said...

    That necklace is so pretty and so is your top! So cute!

    And sorry about all that money you spent... running seems to be a pretty expensive hobby. Crap.

    [Red Sox] Wife said...

    I love that necklace!! I would love to do vegas... but I am SO so poor :( boo. running the strip would be AWESOME!!! running may be expensive but its soo worth it!

    Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

    Wow you travel a lot for races. Don't worry it's not a judgment, it's completely jealousy!!

    My race schedule is on hold for now. I was wanting to do a 77 miler (soon) but the family and some health concerns (might) have detrailed it for now. So a couple 50ks and hopefully a fall 50 miler will be the highlights of the rest of my year (if I get the dr goahead).

    Sweet necklace. Winning looks great on everyone!

    Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

    I just convinced hubs that our non-family vacation (no kids) should be Vegas so I can run the 1/2 in December!! Yay! We lucked out cause we have a credit with Southwest airlines so I just need to register.

    I have a few 5k's that I registered for in June but nothing else after that.

    Heather Elliott @ the desire to run said...

    So jealous you have so many races lined up. And yay for Oregon, that's where I grew up.

    Wish I could do the Vegas Half but it's the Sunday before finals lame!

    My summer includes a three-week camping road trip starting Saturday yay!

    Kiley said...

    Wow! That's a lot of races lined up! That's fun. And that necklace is adorable.

    Teamarcia said...

    Wow you're a travelling/jet-setting runner! I love it!
    We'll be in Maine and NC this summer. Gotta scope out some races there I think.

    theAlmostRunner said...

    What? hahahaha I spammed you? lol CRAP I hope this isn't happening all over the internet!

    Pam said...

    Exciting race schedule! Sounds awesome! I haven't registered for anything yet, but I've got some plans developing in the back of my mind. I should probably make them official :)

    Very pretty necklace! And I love Target bathing suits :)

    Alyssa said...

    Signing up for races is so frighteningly expensive and addictive! I am trying to reign it in right now! I'm pretty jealous of RnR Vegas though, it sounds amazing. I'm not celebrating National Running Day which breaks my heart but I'll be celebrating my ass off on Saturday running 31 miles.

    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

    Sam, you have me itching to use a discount code!! Soooo many races!!

    You look gorgeous! Love the necklace!!

    Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

    What a beautiful necklace, I love it!
    Way to go crazy on race registration too!
    Yay for coming to Atlanta, I live near there!

    Team Lando said...

    1. Why is National Running Day also a day too hot to run?
    2. I need a good race or two between now and MCM.
    3. Summer vacation = ??? Here, at my pool mostly.

    Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

    Aw, I love that you are signing up for so many races (even though I feel ya on the bank account think). I am so upset that I am having my foot problems, because I was really looking forward to packing my race schedule all year! I had a really busy spring and I LOVED it! Are you doing the full or half marathon in Vegas?

    Summer Brooke said...

    Wow look at all those races!! I too will be near the Atl July 4th weekend for my family's annual "Christmas In July" lake weekend! Love having Christmas in July! I love the necklace!

    Richelle said...

    What a beautiful necklace! My desk neighbor wears a lot of pretty jewelry and has inspired me to start wearing the pieces that I own on a more regular basis.

    I'm cutting back on the number of races I'm doing this year in order to save money for my wedding. I haven't registered for any lately, but I've got a 5K in my hometown at the end of the month that I need to sign up for. I'm also planning to register for the Red, White and Boom half, but I'm waiting until the last possible moment to do it.

    ashley (redonk runner) said...

    ahhhh! i'm so jealous of all your race sign ups! after seattle, i'm currently signed up for ZERO races! lol. but trust me, i get a bonus in july and 90% of that sucker is going to fall race registrations!

    Margs @ Faster Bunny said...

    Hey! Just found your blog...anyways, haven't registered for anything lately but I hear you on the pricey races! I really want to marry a pilot too haha.

    Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

    Cubicle Life! Anything to make that better is helpful.

    FruitFly said...

    I cannot stop registering for races!! I started out with 1 half marathon this year. That quickly turned to two. Then I thought I need a 3rd. I'm up to 8 this calendar so far - but I am still eyeballing another one. Race registering is my addiction!

    .... Half # 8 for me? Las Vegas RnR!!