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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Thing Tuesday

I'm jumping on the tuesday blog bandwagon. I'm sharing three random things about me in hopes that you'll share too b/c I love learning about my fellow bloggers/runners :)

1. I share my birthday (August 21) with the late Wilt Chamberlain. I bet he would have been embarrased at the quality of play in last night's NCAA championship game. Did y'all watch? It was pretty bad.

Do any famous people have the same birthday as you?

2. I think I have bad circulation in my body. My toes are always legit little ice cubes. I imagine my future husband will request that I wear socks to bed every night.

3. When I left my parent's house for college I didn't leave much behind. One of my brothers took my room and after they left it was turned into a guest room. Apparently after college graduation I did leave my old crew jacket there. My dad has discovered picture text messaging and likes to send me pictures all the time. This morning it was my cute mom wearing my crew jacket as a rain coat because of the massive storms they are having in Florida right now.

Do you still have a room in your parent's house?

This is blurry Dad - you need a little practice on your picture texts :)


Jennifer said...

I share my birthday with Michael Jackson (Aug. 29), which is pretty cool. I don't have his amazing dancing skills though.

My hands and feet are generally pretty cold too. I always get so excited when they're warm. It's like a little present in the middle of the day!

I moved back home so yes, I still have a room in my mom's house. Can't wait to have my own place again!

Tara said...

I don't know of anyone that I share a birthday with.

My feet are always cold, too! I tell my boyfriend that it's in his job responsibilities to let me warm them up under his legs!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

My feet are always cold! It's a constant battle over the temperature at my house. I'll be bundled up and freezing and hubby is in a T-shirt and sweating. So frustrating!
I don't have a place in my parent's house :(
Since I left 7 years ago they have moved twice, plus I have 3 younger siblings so no extra rooms available!

Jogging with Fiction said...

Oh man! I have the same problem with my feet. Even worse, when they warm up in bed, they HURT to the point of tears. It's awful. Maybe I should get that checked out.

I don't have a room at my parents' anymore either. Two weeks after I moved out (after graduating from college) my mom told me she wanted to repaint and I should get everything I wanted or store the rest in the basement. I call my old room the nunnery now. It has a single bed and tons of quilts on the wall. Not my mom's best decorating moment :)

ashley (redonk runner) said...

haha, my dad still can't text! i just have a few things that decorate a room in my old house, but i don't know that it's technically still "my room" :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I actually have no idea whether I share a birthday with any major celebrity or not. I seem to forget my own birthday from time to time anyways though. Everyone seems to be surprised at that.

More often than not, girls seem to have poorer circulation in my experience. I personally produce more heat than needed.

And yes, both my sister AND i have a room in the house we grew up in to crash in on holidays, though the old twin bed isn't as big as we both remember.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Love the pic of your mom!

My hands and feet are always cold too! My right hand gets freakishly cold when I'm on the computer very long. It's like it freezes to the mouse.